Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is AG Sites?

A: AG Sites is a turnkey website solution built to expand your property’s digital presence.  
It allows you to connect with more renters by leveraging your Apartment Guide HD photos and HD floor plans that are mobile optimized for tablets and smartphones.  In addition, you will be given a custom domain and a unique local tracking phone number.

Q: Is my property eligible for an AG Site?

A: All clients with a Silver or higher package are eligible for an AG site as part of your advertising package.  This website solution is great for individual properties that currently do not have a website or have an website that needs an upgrade.

Q: How much does AG Sites cost?

A: AG Sites is included in Silver or higher packages.

Q: Does Apartment Guide have a special offer for HD Photos for Silver packages?

A: Yes, with a 12 month contract, we will provide Silver package clients with HD Photos.

Q: What is the maintenance associated with having an AG Site?

A: AG Sites will use AG content from MyApartmentGuide’s Listing Editor, including HD Photos and HD Floor Plans. There will be no additional work for clients to create their AG Site – when changes are made to your listing, your website automatically updates.

Q: Can properties add their AG Site link to other ILS sites?

A: Yes, clients have the option to add their website URL to other sources.

Q: Is there additional lead tracking with AG Sites?

A: Clients will be able to view their leads for their AG Site in “Reports & Analytics” via MyAG.

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